Omar epps dating history online dating research question

Actor Omar Epps and his wife/Total singer, Keisha Epps, have just been hit with a lawsuit by their former nanny and we’re not sure if this is a case of a disgruntled former employee, if the nanny was fired or quit voluntarily.

But whatever the reason, she is not too pleased with the money she was getting paid from the Epps fam.’ Check out the details of her lawsuit against Keisha and Omar below: Via TMZ: Omar Epps and his wife got a sweet deal on their nanny, getting her to tidy up the house and clean up after their pets too, without paying her a dime of overtime … Alba Hernandez says she put in 8 years with Omar and his wife Keisha … But she says she also ran errands for the Epps fam and took care of their pets.

At 26, the graduate of New York’s High School of Performing Arts already has an impressive 10-year career, including his debut in Ernest Dickerson’s Juice to John Singleton’s Higher Learning, Charles S.

Dutton’s HBO film, First Time Felon, and The Wood (not to mention his memorable turns in ER and Scream 2).

But: fewer than half of American kids now live in traditional nuclear American families, and as President Obama has pointed out, that figure is even lower for black children.

For poor and working-class fathers trying to keep their families together, the odds are tough and the battle is relentless.

She doesn’t says how or why she stopped working for Omar and Keisha, but she’s suing for back wages and unpaid overtime.

But two minutes into the interview, he’s sitting up and facing you, enthusiastically punctuating his points with his hands.

She was also married to Shemar Moore whom she divorced later.

She was lastly in a love relation with a Moroccan rapper French Montana with whom she broke up in May 2016.

Alba says her household duties required way more than your average 9 to 5.

She says she put in more than 40 hours a week, but never got any overtime. k per year, but clearly feels she would’ve made much more on an hourly rate.

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