Movie dating therapist son dating chinese man

Especially since she discovered this long after a strong therapeutic bond had developed with her client, the therapist is faced with an ethical dilemma of whether to disclose her realization to the client and face the significant inevitable ensuing complications. At the same time, the therapist's concerns for her son are the age difference and the fact the Rafi is not Jewish.

After consulting with her own therapist/consultant, Lisa Metzger continues the sessions, during which she hears much more about the intimate aspects of the client and son's relationship than any of them would choose. Because Metzger believes that religion is paramount in a person's life, she urges him strongly to let go of Rafi and marry within his faith. The therapy is terminated with the client feeling betrayed and, subsequently, being received through the "family" door as the girlfriend of the therapist's son. Lisa Metzger finds herself in a dual relationship and a conflict of interest as the mother of her client's boyfriend.

But at its core Prime is also a movie about the not very cinematic subject of religion--and the threat of intermarriage.

W., an Upper West Side therapist who loves too much: She loves patients like Rafi (Uma Thurman), her eldest son David (Bryan Greenberg), and her religion (Judaism).This alone would have been good, but the fact that it's based on a totally it's about a grown man dating a teenager.That grown man is played by Woody Allen, who also wrote and directed the film, and that teenager is played by actual then-teenager Mariel Hemingway.Rafi shares all her secrets with her therapist Lisa (Meryl Streep) who, unbeknownst to Rafi, is David's mother.Lisa, supportive of Rafi's relationship with a younger man, discovers the connection and finds herself not only faced with the ethical and moral dilemma of counseling David's girlfriend, but also the reality that she feels differently about the relationship now that she knows her son is involved.

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