Dating someone who rejected you

I was still interested enough (and single at the time) due to the fact that she was cute and perky and had a killer body, so my pride took a backseat to my libido.

The two words “locker-room” and “talk” have dominated political discourse in the past two weeks and arguably come to symbolise Donald Trump’s fall from grace.

America’s most notorious shock jock, Howard Stern, who has been both partial and privy to his share of “locker room” talk has now argued that Trump’s remarks are in no way an example of “locker room” talk.

The provocative, controversial radio personality said he had never in all his years heard a man say he would "grab a woman by the p***y”.

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What we discover is that from that one perceived rejection, the client has made decisions and choices that affect his whole life.

Some people never want to feel that pain or humiliation again and choose partners who are “safe” and won’t leave them.

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The pain of wanting someone who doesn’t feel the same way can be excruciating.

It can make you feel like the world has slipped out from under your feet.

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