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Elongated skulls are found in early Ubaid sites leading well into Sumerian times and the figures are typical Ubaid: Antioch: Ubaid figure: An elongated skull of a small child was found at an Ubaid site at Tell Zeidan in Syria dated to c.

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Too many sites grumble about adblockers and I would rather advertisers pay for keeping sites up than I. However, I think it is more that just the basic adblock.

Profile settings in only store users settings that are *different* from default, so copying it over can still results in different settings ;-) I see what you mean. Now comes the interesting part: I set it back to false, and not only did that black screen disappear, but there's none of the brief interval I mentioned earlier in which a blank screen appears just before page loading. I guess a lot depends on a user's hardware and/or OS version.

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