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However, while the use of TL has been a great success, the wide application of TL has been hampered by the problem of daylight signal resetting.— A new dating method finally is allowing archaeologists to incorporate rock paintings -- some of the most mysterious and personalized remnants of ancient cultures -- into the tapestry of evidence used ...The investigation, which was centred on a remote river terrace near Lake Mc Kerrow about 35km northeast of Milford Sound, and supplemented with information from the Haast area, found evidence of 24 surface ruptures of the Alpine Fault dating back to 6000BC.Scientists used a range of investigation techniques, including radiocarbon dating of seeds, leaves, and reeds contained in swampy sediments, to determine the ages of the ruptures.Results obtained argue for high regional seismicity in the second half of the Holocene and indicate the Chagan-Uzun massif to be one of the major seismogenic neotectonic structure within the SE Altai.Strong earthquakes occurred here about 600-700, 1,300-1,500, 2,400-2,700, and 3,400-3,700 and 3,800-4,200 cal. Together with the previously published radiocarbon dates these data clarify the chronology of seismic events within the SE Altai.The specified recurrence interval of strong earthquakes for the SE Altai is about 400 years during the last 4,000 years.Numerous evidences of several seismic excitations were found in sediments from the largest landslide triggered by the 2003 Chuya earthquake.

When in fact, the researchers simply said that those factors needed to be taken into account.

In this context absolute age determination of ancient earthquakes is one of the key problems.

This paper presents the results of our geomorphological, paleoseismogeological, and geochronological investigations in seismically active southeastern part of Russian Altai.

On the other hand, the sentence that relates to (E) is that 50-54 where it says "...using lichenometry requires careful site selection..." etc. Shouldn't that indicate that any situation that doesn't meet that requirement limits the usefulness of lichenometry? We know that those affects listed in the final paragraph have to be factored in, but we cannot say that lichenometry's usefullness would be of limited to areas where those affects do not occur.

The reason why answer choice (B) is supported is that radiocarbon dating works by dating organic matter - which is described in the first paragraph. for Lichenometry we know it is best used for earthquakes that occurred within the last 500 years so 400 years leaves some room for this answer to be wrong.

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