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I'm not after a conversation at all, I am after a validation that they have received the text/phone call.When we went to a party today, I was worried that the RSVP we sent wasn't received!!In December, my partner Sonja and I held a Christmas party at our London home.After weeks of planning, what struck us as the most challenging aspect of the whole event was not how much to spend on wine, what music to play or whom to invite from the minefield of people who were not on speaking terms, but how difficult it was to simply get people to let us know whether they wanted to come or not.I wasn’t in possession of an accurate guest list until the party’s end.We sent out 65 invitations via email, mobile text, Facebook message and the post.

" or "Daniel will be missed, but we understand." But I'm a chatty sort, and I like people to know for sure that I've received their RSVP. As the name implies, these are parties formed for the purpose of bringing groups of swingers together so they can get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere.Meet and greets are hosted by a swinger couple, swinger single or group of swingers.Do you send another text or phone call to ask did you receive our answer with a phone call or text?I did send another text message to ask did you receive the RSVP from us.

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