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Its mission is to support the integration process, support children and youth activities, build bridges between the different cultures and to provide high quality, Non-Profitmaking Educational Radio service to the community.Radio Akwaaba FM provides a uniquely diversified format of music and talk, utilizing a team of unpaid volunteers, each with his or her own specialized expertise in music and or talk.For those guests who may need to depart earlier, a continental style breakfast is available from am.The Romance Suite offers guests a queen sized canopy bed, decorative fireplace and private bath with double sized shower.

Upon opening its doors, the commitment has always been simple; exceed all of our clients expectations with exceptional service.

Black Power 96.3 FM is the latest project of APEDF, the baddest not-for-profit organization in the world. Black Power 96 officially launches with a full programming schedule in February, 2017! The white rulers use radio to define the African community in so many negative ways, promoting horizontal violence and justifying their exploitation of our people.

Led by it’s President, Ona Zené Yeshitela, APEDF’s mission is to defend the democratic and human rights of the African community and to address the grave disparities in health, education and economic development. Both the tower and the studios have been built at the Uhuru House, and a property owned and controlled by APEDF. Black Power 96 radio is proud to join APEDF’s long line of smashingly successful institutions such as Uhuru Furniture and Collectibles in Oakland and Philadelphia and the Ty Ron Lewis All People’s Gym in St. Things are moving fast now that Black Power 96 is live. The station will also be having a day-long celebration on Saturday, February 18th with open house tours of the studio, ribbon cutting, food vendors and an evening celebration in Akwaaba Hall to commemorate this historical event. Black Power 96 gives our people the information and confidence to overturn the system that oppresses African and other colonized peoples.

We can, however, help facilitate your choice of a bus company.

Based on your tour itinerary, we can also help answer questions regarding best arrival times at the Rochester International Airport, and what you may expect in the way of common security issues and practices, and how to navigate from the airport to your hotel. We can customize your itinerary to favor handicapped accessible locations, and give you preferential treatment to ease any physical limitation you may have.

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