Who was mark ballas dating

The single master bedroom also boasts a connecting bath with dual his and his sinks.It seems to be the perfect starter home for a celeb couple with a bunch of cash. If they were two other guys I’d figure maybe they are rarely in town at the same time and it’s the perfect party house but Hough and Ballas are hardly known for being party animals.Mark and his new lady have been spotted together on several occasions, most recently at last night's American Music Awards, but only now has their relationship status been confirmed. may feel like a hefty commitment to some, but for Mark Ballas, it's just a day job.They also aren’t exactly linked to very many Hollywood hotties and let’s face it, either of these guy could probably easily bag any woman he sets his sights on.Sources seem to be hinting that there is a DL relationship between them that has spanned years and various flirtations with women. In case you needed further proof that the two are friends for life, consider this: Derek's hopping on a plane to Australia in a couple weeks "to tackle crocodiles and get my official khakis!"The Houghster may have nabbed his sixth Mirrorball trophy, but it was his partnership with Bindi that undoubtedly made it his favorite season.

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BC was on stage, and I couldn’t see her—I could only hear her. She’s got it going on.' She sounded like a mix of Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks.That one’s gonna be on the EP, it’s called "Head High." We were both feeling like maybe the reason we weren’t doing our own stuff solo was we were meant to do it together, so why don’t we do this project. We just clicked really well in the studio, we trust each other. I teach him things, he teaches me things, we exchange the power that way, which is nice. I’m an anxious person and he’s just cool and calm and used to performing. We’re just doing that right now and hopefully we’ll be done by early January, then we’ll get it out, play some shows.can exclusively reveal that the 26-year-old ballroom dancer is dating singer/songwriter Britney Jean Carlson, better known by her stage name “BC Jean,” 25.“Mark and BC Jean have been dating and hanging out for about a month or so,” a pal of Mark’s tells winner Eliana Girard one week later.But apparently that was nothing but a harmless hookup and his budding romance with BC is the real deal.

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