Who is octomom dating who is zonnique pullins dating

because he whored himself out on a dating show right before he hooked up with Nadya Suleman -- and TMZ has the footage.

Frankie G -- who has been dating Octo for a couple of months now -- was a contestant earlier this year on a show called "Who Wants to Date a Comedian?

because the mother of 14 has officially put herself up for auction to earn some cold, hard cash.

Octo -- in a last ditch effort to earn more money before she gets kicked out of her La Habra home -- has created an online dating profile for a site called What's Your ...

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Should a man who fathers a lot of children via sperm donation, be required to pay child support, if it turns out the woman cannot fully support the children, and she wants AFDC and other forms of welfare?The 36-year-old mother of 14 is dating 23-year-old amateur bodybuilder Frankie G. "Obviously she has a lot of kids, but it's wonderful. And she's a wonderful person -- she has a wonderful heart." In a Twitter photo posted June 9, Suleman posed with her new bodybuilder beau, who was holding a trophy. She told HDNet in July 2011 that she's "never been on one date in my life.Suleman chatted with TMZ about her new relationship at the airport in Los Angeles on Sunday -- where she was waiting for her beefy new guy to pick her up. I've had a boyfriend and a donor, but that's it." PHOTOS: Octmom's family album Earlier this month, she began her new job as an adult film star after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy April 30.PHOTOS: What Octomom does all day The controversial mom -- whose 14 children were conceived via in-vitro fertilization, which included a set of octuplets in January 2009 -- said she met her new man "through church" and their age difference is not a problem. Suleman told 's Nischelle Turner she'd do porn to keep a roof over her children's head."If it's a job, and it's a well-paying job, and it's gonna allow me to get out of here and move in a very safe, huge home that they deserve, I'm gonna do it," she explained.

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