Speed dating omaha library

After having spent more than a decade teaching at American schools in Oman and India, Trish Tynan felt a call to return home.“I always wanted a relationship, to get married, and have kids,” said Trish.

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The manufacturing process used is determined by a variety of factors.

Richard Andrews, left, and Gregg Limley were among the 80 daters at the W. “(We) try to reconnect them with the library while they’re here, and hopefully they make a love connection too,” said Emily Getzschman, the library’s marketing manager.

Yolanda White of Omaha goes on a three-minute date during the Omaha Public Library's annual speed dating event at the W. About 80 people attended Sunday's speed dating event, which was for participants 45 and older.

Ryan and Kara Higgins are founders of Imana Kids, a program that helps 150 children by matching them with sponsors in the U. who help pay for a child to attend boarding school.

They first met Ananias Cyuzuzo at a Rwandan orphanage in 2013, and now he is staying at their Council Bluffs home as he recovers from the surgery.

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