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Grey is less known that she once was, but she still has a fan following.Jennifer Grey will join the DWTS lineup for Fall 2010...

Still, as much as you love "Dirty Dancing," you may not realize how often the production skirted disaster, from almost not being made at all, to almost not casting Swayze, to almost cutting a key subplot to please a squeamish potential corporate sponsor, to its catastrophic test screenings that almost led the film's backers to let the film go unreleased and write it off as a bad investment.Bergstein also worked her way through college as a dance teacher at an Arthur Murray dance school.She knew not just the conventional steps, but the "dirty" ones, too."So, while everybody thinks I'm Baby, there's actually a lot of Johnny in me, too," she said in a 2005 interview.3.Read Full Story Jennifer Grey is married to Clark Gregg July 2001 - Present Clark Gregg is married to Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey.View Relationship » Jennifer Grey dated George Stephanopoulos 1992 - 1992 Political pundit (and TV personality) George Stephanopoulos dated Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey in 1992. View Relationship » Jennifer Grey dated William Baldwin 1991 - 1991 William Baldwin, one of the famed Baldwin brothers, was rumored to be with actress Jennifer Grey in 1991. Read Full Story Dirty Dancing is about to come back into vogue.

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