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We always act with a clear purpose, making a real difference while keeping future generations in mind by inspiring confidence and empowering change.

Products & Services: Control & Measurement, Telecommunication, Smart Grid Solutions, Mapping, Data Management, Pre-Paid Metering, AMR/AMI Systems, CRM, Revenue Collection, M2M Communication, Water Meters, Asset Management, Management Consulting, Solar Water Heating, Mounting & Installation, Utility Scale PV, PV Materials for Manufacturing, System Integration, Transformers, GIS Mapping, Cables, T&D Hardware, Chips & Components, Test Equipment, Demand Response, LED Lighting, Home Control/Energy Management, Smart Home Appliances, Sub-Meters, IT/ICT Providers, Security Solutions, Demand Side Management The Edison Power Group, in existence for over 35 years, is one of South Africa’s largest power companies.

As such we have precisely located a kiln sites in Sisatchanalai, northern Thailand in which our Royal Nanhai and the Nanyang shipwreck celadon ware was made around AD. (See videos on: Other kilns was located in Sukhothai where production wasters matched the fish and flower plates found on the Turiang and the Longquan shipwreck.

These unique underglaze decorated wares was made at those exact kilns 600 years before we found them on the shipwrecks in Malaysia!

The sitter stands within a landscape and toys with the button on his tricorne hat tucked under his arm. PROVENANCE: Wiltshire; a long term private on canvas in good period frame.

JOHN VERELST (active 1698-1734) was born in England, of Netherlandish stock. The sitter, dressed in doctor's robes, with very fine and expensive linen at his neck, holds a book with the ititials NAT. This stands for 'Natrum Bromatum', a book on homeopathy.

Some they put in a chest that was short, and narrow, and shallow, and put sharp stones therein, and pressed the man therein, so that they broke all his limbs ...Most of this work is concentrated to the South China Sea, a virtual highway for ancient shipping linking China to India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia in an extensive maritime trade system.This ancient trade started sometime around the 4th century and lasted well into the 19th century.Until the second century AD, torture was used only on slaves..A slave's testimony was admissible only if extracted by torture.

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