Junjin and shi young dating

The “We Got Married” lovebirds that are currently dating are Jun Jin & Lee Shi-young. Of course, the most popular first generation couples, such as Andy &Solbi, Crown J & Suh In-young, and Hwang-bo & Hyun-joong, are the fan favorites that many wished would blossom into real-life romance, but one should not forget that this is a reality show, which means that it is completely fake.Apparently, ahjusshi Jun Jin and Gundam lover Lee Shi-young developed genuine good feelings for one another, while filming “We Got Married” and collaborating together on Jun Jin’s “Fascination” album.

[NOTE: Additional part from the Star News article] Meanwhile, Junjin has left a message that reads “완전 사랑합니다” (Wanjeon saranghamnida / I love you completely) on the front page of his Cyworld homepage.

According to Junjin’s management company on 3rd Sep, “The two of them have parted for now, but on good terms.

We’ll release more information soon.” Shortly after, a spokesperson said, “It’s true that Junjin and Lee Shi Young have split up.” The couple had officially announced that they were dating since March, and this announcement brings their 6-month relationship to an end.

The couple had appeared on MBC’s variety show ‘We Got Married’ in January and have already started dating 3 months ago.

A related source said, “During their time on the show, Junjin and Lee Shi Young got to know each other and developed feelings for each other.

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