The usually jovial defense attorney, Lassister gets tapped by Assistant State's Attorney Nick Fox to act as a special prosecutor in the gruesome murder of investigative TV reporter Marsha Diamond.

Diamond a paramour of Fox was investigating a long forgotten incident from the Viet Nam war several decades prior.

These are established platforms that facilitate a number of digital interactions between the users in order to create the feeling of a community.

Although artificial in nature, these communities have taken roots in many parts of the globe.

In that respect, trying to enter the market with a new one is like battling giants. On the other hand posing like one is a totally different business.

Especially when the phrase "not on par" is huge understatement.

Marsha also "enjoyed" trolling in a graphic adult hook- up chat room.Disclaimer: This app does not add Fingerprint security to other apps, it helps import and secure messages from third party messengers.Description of the app:- Email then secure your messages and photos from Whats App with password and Touch ID.~ Finger Print Protect your Whats App messages with Fingerprint/Touch ID security access, by selecting and protecting the messages you deem sensitive~PRIVACYMake sure that ONLY YOU can access your imported Whats App messages, Pictures, and Audio on your i Pod touch and your i Phone, by adding a secure Fingerprint access to it.Jake Lassister the irreverent and all around good guy lawyer,(Oxymoron ?), returns in the second book of author Paul Levine's series entitled, "Night Vision".

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