Dating an eternal bachelor

Sure it’s easy to quietly mock or pity those who ended up that way without a choice, but it’s the men who do so by choice that often attract the most scorn.As fertility rates continue to plummet, from who men continue to put off marriage more and more and we see the growing chorus of media shaming tactics trying to scold men into being the men their fathers were, the dwindling marriage rate is gradually becoming a major social, economic and political issue.We are starting to enter its beginning stages, and you can rest easy knowing that pressure will continue to mount.What’s worse is the personal derision you often face from family, friends, your social circles and even in professional circles.Perhaps he has learnt from his notorious encounter with prostitute Divine Brown eight years ago, which exposed him to public ridicule. "Has he learnt from his notorious encounter with a prostitute that exposed him to ridicule?""He goes for well-brought-up women who wouldn't dream of telling all, and he does very well. " Tellingly, though, he adds: "There have been a couple of years where Hugh has had a lot of relationships which I would call for fun and fancy rather than anything like romance." Among his tally since splitting from Liz three years ago have been blonde PR girl Caroline Stanbury, a former squeeze of Prince Andrew and footballer Ryan Giggs - though she proved no more than a passing fancy.

When dating a Leo, his attention tells you if he's interested or not.

Deep down he really just wants someone to actually like him.

Have you ever wondered why self-imposed, eternal bachelorhood manages to evoke so many negative emotions in people?

"It actually makes it alarmingly easy." And on the surface, he seems to be enjoying the single life: he feels free to issue sexual come-ons to any pretty girl who takes his fancy, he plays golf as often as he can, he watches all the sport he likes on TV in his Chelsea bachelor pad, and he drives a wildly expensive car - a £168,000 Aston Martin Vanquish - which, he says, is "a real babe magnet. Others, though, see him less as an eternal bachelor and more as a figure to be pitied - a man who, for all his wealth and success, still goes home to an empty flat.

And in his more reflective moments, Grant himself acknowledges that his single life is shallow, empty and ultimately unfulfilling - all the more so now that his former partner, Elizabeth Hurley, is proving such a glowing (if unlikely) advertisement for the joys of parenthood. As a friend of Grant's puts it: "He's never had a kiss-and-tell, because that's for stupid soap stars who go to Stringfellows and pick up awful lap dancers.

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    All characters, situationsand events depicted here are fictional.