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This place is a favorite of locals and travelers, and for good reason -- the prime rib dinner is locally famous, and the buffet includes all-you-can-eat king crab legs. Due to a chemical finish that's now illegal and an extra-thin paper stock, these decks were perfect for card sharks and sleight-of-hand artists.Most intriguingly, there's a safe surrounded by about a foot of concrete that was once used to pay the Union Pacific Railroad. They were only sold in the gift shop here, but due to their extraordinary feel, they remained hot items on the second-hand market before disappearing altogether about 15 years ago.Two subspecies are recognized, these being Canis dirus guildayi and Canis dirus dirus.The species probably descended from Armbruster's wolf (Canis armbrusteri) and evolved from it in North America.

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However, while you can't purchase terrifying, chemically treated playing cards here, you can still score treats from the truly excellent bakery on the premises.

If you need a wedding cake for under 0, or just want a good pie for , Uncle Angelo's Bakery makes this spot worth a visit, despite the fact that this part of town isn't exactly as nice as it used to be.

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