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although date is disputed by Egyptologists as it is unclear which part of the setting sun was used as the 'setting marker' (i.e.

edges, top, centre, first glimpse, last glimpse etc), an argument often used against Lockyer, who was accused of using different 'setting markers' at different sites.

A 20m high, mud brick enclosure wall, surrounded all of these buildings.

This great Temple of Amon Ra was known during the Middle Kingdom period as Ipt-Swt, which means the Selected Spot.

The Temple of Karnak is the largest Temple in the World!

The complex contains a group of Temples such as the Great Temple of Amon Ra, The Temple of Khonso, The Ipt Temple, The Temple of Ptah, the Temple of Montho and the Temple of the God Osiris.

Simultaneously with the share purchase, Timothy Neher resigned from the Company's Board of Directors and Flavio Paltrinieri was simultaneously appointed to the Company's Board of Directors.

Such action represents a change of control of the Company.

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It was said to have been staffed by 80,000 people in the time of Ramasses III.The purchase of the shares by the Purchaser was completed pursuant to written Subscription Agreements with the Company.The purchase was not subject to any other terms and conditions other than the sale of the shares in exchange for the cash payment.Nothing African about homosexuality: African culture has no place for homosexuality as a way of life because it does not fit with the view that humans should reproduce in order to be remembered for eternity.It is time African governments told the NGOs and their European and American government sponsors promoting homosexuality in Africa to take a hike; let them stick to their cultural traditions and respect ours!

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