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Or, perhaps they have an opportunity to meet through work. Of course the act of going online to date isn’t natural. You’re not organically meeting in line at the pet supply store. Since we met online, it’s true that we met in an unnatural way. I moved in with him three weeks after we met, as we both knew that this was what we both wanted.

All of these situations are wonderful and amazing and should continue. You don’t get the luxury of telling a story about the one day you went to the mall with no make up and you met your future husband. The important thing is that you find love – if that’s what you want. But, the love that came out of that unnatural platform was very real … What we were feeling was real even though the way in which we met involved technology.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you fluffy little news piece about saving money online dating; and more filling one about our untapped ability to be happy.

Why can’t we curb our own dissatisfaction, especially when we’re wired to love the familiar?!!

Worth pondering (capitalism, I’m looking at you, not just at online dating).

Had it not been for that dating website, both our lives would be very different today. It was up to us to be in the right place at the right time in order to find love. Sometimes people share hobbies that bring them together.

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Does DC bring out your passion for American history?

I host workshops that help people create authentic online dating profiles.

Sometimes when this comes out in conversation I get negative reactions.

JDate’s mission is to help you connect with other Jewish singles who will really get you.

That’s the key to finding a lifelong mate and an amazing date.

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